Motion Graphics Manchester

Motion Graphics Manchester

Are you looking for a top-notch freelance motion graphics designer in Manchester to create visually appealing motion graphics for personal or commercial purposes? If so, you have come to the right place.

Kamran Khan is more than a professional motion graphics designer in Manchester and the United Kingdom. He is also a visionary with outstanding creative talent and attention to detail. Each time Kamran creates motion graphics for his clients, he uses a combination of compelling graphics, audio, and text to tell a visual story. That is what he can do for you as well.


Here are the reasons why you should hire Kamran for your next freelance motion graphics design project in Manchester:

  • A creative visionary in the art of visual storytelling
  • Exceptional design skills in using advanced visual and auditory software technologies
  • Many years of experience in combining graphic design, audio, and animation to produce eye-catching content
  • A collaborative approach will ensure your design ideas get incorporated into the custom motion graphics created for you


Kamran’s custom motion graphic designs are suitable for all kinds of advertising and promotional purposes. For instance, you could publish your new motion graphics on your website, emails, blogs, social media posts, PPC ads, television commercials, etc. Most importantly, motion graphics can help establish a memorable brand identity to help attract leads, customers, and followers to your business.


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