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Critical Illness Insurance Motion Graphic Design Credit Client: AIG Art director and Storyboard: Georgina Hall Digital Marketing Manager: Camilla Hoskisson Motion Graphic Designer: Kamran
INSEAD - Connecting diverse


We are INSEAD Graphic Design Motion Graphic Design
M&G - M and G


Sustainable Development Goal Graphic Design Illustration Art Direction Creative Direction M&G, a global asset management company, is renowned for its size and popularity. I
Unilever - A Fashion Faux Pas


Comfort Fashion Summit Motion Graphic Design Video Editing Credit Client: Unilever Agency: Plastic Films  Creative Producer: Sara Cooper Director: Jack Harmsworth Motion Graphic Designer

Tanqueray Nº Ten

The Power of Ten Motion Graphic Design Video Editing I was approached by the DesignBridge agency to produce a film incorporating footage and motion


Brand Film Motion Graphic Design Credit Client: PepsiCoArt director: Kamran KhanBrand Manager: Steven DonaldMotion Graphic Designer: Kamran Khan
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